Umbrella company

The umbrella company is more and more widespread in Switzerland, this method Is compatible with our modern societies and Is considered to be another option to entrepreneurship and the risks coming up with it. Freelancers can work for their clients while benefiting from the employee status (health insurance cover, payroll, insurance, retirement …).

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📌 What means “umbrella company”?

An umbrella company can be defined by the three-party relationship between a consultant, a company and AD’Missions. The consultant has an employment contract with the umbrella company. He or she is able to be fully focused on one’s freelancing activities (in the form of projects or assignments) This status is considered to be an alternative to:

  • entrepreneurship: you develop your client portfolio and the umbrella company takes care of the administrative management side of your activity
  • simple employment: you offer your expertise as a project to companies and you benefit from the employee status

Umbrella company s exclusively dedicated to professions from intellectual services adjusted to every single profiles: temporary position, career move etc…

The legal framework

The umbrella company legal framework appeared in the 70’s, it was subject to numerous arguments, laws, agreements and orders to be finally legally recognized in France. In Swiss, it is governed by the Federal Act on the Service of Employment and the Leasing of Services. The final text is adopted on October 6, 1989. In article 1, the present law aims to:

  • Govern the private placement of staff and the hiring services.
  • Ensure a public employment service that helps to create and maintain a balanced labor market.
  • Protect workers who use private placement, public employment service or hiring services.

How does it work?

To sum up, the consultant looks for the assignment and negotiate the terms of it with the client company. Next, the chosen company signs the contract with the umbrella company, the latter can now sign the employment contract with the consultant. The consultant is now covered and can start the assignment.

⭐️ Umbrella company perks

The status perks are numerous:

  • You can choose your own clients and manage your professional activity
  • We handle the administrative management
  • You can avoid entrepreneurship risks such as bankruptcy
  • You can benefit from the employee status’ perks: unemployment, retirement, training, social security system …
  • We sign up to a third-party guarantee to secure the payment of your salary
  • The employee still owns his or her client portfolio so that create a company can be possible later
  • Financial services such as loan or housing is easily accessible.

💼 What kind of profession can be practised ?

If you provide, as a consultant, training or coaching sessions or service delivery, umbrella company is a great opportunity for you. Umbrella company goes with different fields of work such as: accounting, management, senior management, human resources, marketing, finance, supply chain, sales etc… List of professions accepted:

  • Transitional manager
  • Digital strategy consultant
  • Developer
  • Trainer/ Coach
  • Financial management counsellor
  • Webmarketing consultant

Be aware that this is a non-exhaustive list. Do not hesitate to contact us if you may have doubt about the eligibility of your profession. Young graduated, executives, job hunters, consultants or retired people, can all pretend to umbrella company. You may be at a different point in your life where you want to start your working life, keep an employed activity, get an additional salary or simply test your work project before throwing yourself into entrepreneurship. An umbrella company can help you make happened every single project.

🔍 Swiss umbrella company regulations

AD’Missions has got the necessary approvals to practice private placement and labour lease:

  • Cantonal license granted by SPE to practice in Switzerland
  • Federal license granted by SECO for cross-border activities

These licenses allow us to freely practice in Switzerland and other countries from the EU. Transparency and Swiss laws compliance are our priorities to meet your demands and the Swiss requirements.

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