Opportunities for businesses

You require external help for a prompt need? AD’Missions presents a 360° offer.

Wage portage solution for companies: training and expertise

The wage portage solution for companies is designed for external expertise management. The solution fully secures the relationship with your freelancers preventing requalification risks and illegal subcontracting either in training or in provision of services. This form of employment allows you to manage your wage bill and win the loyalty of your consultants. We will guide you through the external skills management: employment contract, health insurance, filing for the different organizations etc… You can handle the costs and benefit from a partner’s reactivity and flexibility in case of emergency.

Umbrella company solution for companies key points

The umbrella employment permit to:

  • Take over the social management of competences
  • Securing the contractual processes (legal, sales …
  • Set up within 48 hours
  • Flexible solution, no salaries management

AD’Missions gives you the opportunity to optimize your costs by handling better your risks:

  • You buy a provision of services, in this way, the expert is not included in your wage bill
  • Any administrative nor social management fees involved
  • You call upon an experienced consultant, well-known for his/ her skills and companies’ knowledge

Besides, we provide the confidence for you to work in compliance with the Swiss legislation. Appealing to AD’Missions is the guarantee for you to have recourse to an expert safely without all the administrative obligations (employment contract, salary, declarations etc…).

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