The best of umbrella company in Switzerland

Umbrella company in Switzerland allows freelancers to find the best compromise between practicing their professional activities and keeping the employee’s status perks: employment contract, health insurance, filing for the different organizations, payrolls etc…The consultant is able to maintain one’s relationships with one’s client portfolio and also negotiate the assignment’s terms. The consultant is insured by a trustworthy partner throughout his or her professional activities.

AD’Missions, umbrella company leader since 1997

Swiss AD’Missions started to operate in 2014 gifted by AD’Missions Group knowledge. The group was created in 1997 and was one of the first umbrella company coming to life. AD’Missions as a key player is well-known for its services reliability and qualitative commitment. AD’Missions is as much a partner reference for the consultants as it is for companies, gathering today, 5 000 consultants in Switzerland and abroad with 17 agencies spread in Switzerland and France. The group can be proud to be behind the concept of wage engineering going far above the simple wage portage driven by human resources and business administration experts, covering multiple expertise:

  • Administrative
  • Legal
  • Sales
  • Strategic

Swiss wage portage: a comprehensive and open service

Our consultants’ interests are at the core of our actions. We are working daily to support your activity through our services, experts’ network and training program. We are convinced that Swiss AD’Missions is able to be the reliable partner you need to develop your freelance activity. Our 3 essential values are trust, sense of service and friendliness.

  • We respect the ethical codes of our profession. We are working in trust with our partners as consultants or companies altogether.
  • Our teams are built up by attentiveness, reactivity and professionalism to be dedicated to our partners’ satisfaction.
  • AD’Missions gives you the opportunity to join an umbrella company with a network of 5 000 consultants who can interact with each other fostered by our teams.
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