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International contrator services

You wish to get international assignments As a consultant ? International contractor services is the key to secure your activity abroad. By joining AD’Missions you will be able to benefit from our experts experiences to make the process easier.

Our subsidiary: Sage SA

Since more than 20 years AD’Missions helps consultants across the world to facilitate their business trip or expatriation. Sage SA, founded in 1989, looks after you through your assignment by completely taking care of your administrative paperworks and payrolls. International wage portage allows you to choose your health coverage “à la carte”.

International umbrella employment: how does it work?

International umbrella employment works the same way as the “basic” one:

  • The consultant is autonomous to find his or her assignment and define the terms of it with the client
  • The consultant needs to sign both a contract with the client and an employment contract with the umbrella company
  • Sage SA will charge the clients the fees owed to you and then provide a payroll

Anyhow, some specific features can be added for an assignment abroad. If the assignment lasts less than 3 months, you are considered to be on a simple business trip and you still legally belong to your native country for social care: unemployment, retirement, health insurance and life insurance. If the assignment lasts more than 3 months, you will be considered to be an expatriate. The social care will be different then, you will need to subscribe to the one from the host country. Sage SA will help you pick the best option depending on your situation.

Sage SA services

nternational wage portage is the opportunity for you to avoid the whole business creation, only to elaborate your project. The client company can benefit from your specific expertise without hiring you. Furthermore, Sage SA will provide for a financial and legal advisor. We can adjust to your specific needs:

  • Contributions declarations and payment
  • Administrative and contractual documents provided (family allowance, incident, disease etc…)
  • Expense account management
  • The payment of withholding tax, if it is necessary in your host country

More options:

  • Working visa application
  • Immigration constraints management
  • Travel planning and accommodation in the host country

You can travel free-minded and be fully focused on your work.

International wage portage: an advantage for companies

Sage SA provides a secure and simple option for companies which chooses to work with consultants under a wage portage contract. It is the guarantee for you to comply with the regulations of the home country and get the best legal and trust advice. To get more information and talk about your project, you can contact us if you are either a company or a consultant, you may get a salary simulation or advice from our experts.

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