Our consultants services

Swiss AD’Missions gives you the opportunity to develop your freelance activity to your customer base and receive your payment as a salary. Our umbrella company services will arouse interest since there is a large experts team in administrative, employment, legal, tax or social management at your disposal during your assignment.

A “tailor-made” service

Account executive management

AD’Missions provides, from your first assignment, a dedicated Human Resources manager. Your chosen intermediary takes care of the follow-up of your contract and assists you in your daily activity management. As an expert in wage portage, the chosen intermediary will be attentive and guide you through to make the best possible choices for your business project. The Geneva offices will guarantee you to get closed to your advisor.

Guidance and assistance

AD’Missions teams guide you through your projects by providing advice and assistance in different fields such as: strategy, marketing and communication, sales development, project creation, skills assessment and evolution … Every single situation is unique and AD’Missions considers it, advise you through it by suggesting you doing the best thing regarding your own situation in order to maximize your pay.

Our commitments

Our main goal is to link the expert (consultant, trainer, executive, freelance etc..) to the client company which can benefit from his or her expertise while on assignment in wage portage. It is necessary, then, to guarantee the rights and protect the employee’s interests. We promise to:

  • Set up an employment contract based on the negotiations approved by both employee and client company.
  • Proceed to the administrative formalities and social declarations required
  • Supply an assignment control based on the employee’s activity report
  • Manage the administrative formalities of the relationship between the employee and the client company
  • Charge for the service(s) done while on assignment
  • Pay the employee and allocate social burdens

Appealing to AD’Missions will make you realize how our flexibility, skills and qualitative wage engineering can be a great and decisive asset in your projects.

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