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Umbrella company Geneva: a business opportunity

François Clément My Vision
François Clément
Swiss Regional Delegate
My Vision

My vision

“Since the creation in 2014, we are involved in the umbrella company activity development. A human resources team of experts are taking care of the employees and making sure the client companies fulfill their responsibilities towards them. Then, we attach great importance to ensure the respect for the regulations and rights in accordance with the service delivery in umbrella company. In this respect, we provide a wide range of services: employment contract creation, invoicing, employee payment for the service delivery on assignment.”

20 Rue François – Perréard
1225 - Chêne-Bourg

Geneva in a few words …

Second densely populated city in Switzerland, Geneva is one of the nerve centres from the international cooperation, for that matter its nickname is International Geneva.

Geneva district stands out for its competences hub, well known in those particular fields:

  • Peace, Security, Disarmament
  • Humanitarian deeds and rights, human rights, migration
  • Work, economy, trade, science, telecommunication
  • Health
  • Sustainable development and environment

Geneva ensures a strong growth from the last years through luxury exportations fueling 80% of the foreign sales. Chemistry stands out as well to 12% (mainly from the fragrance scent field). According to the Geneva District Bank, Geneva registers a GDP increase of 2.9% for 2.6% on a national scale in 2018.

Geneva economic energy keeps on gathering around numerous global companies which provide more potential assignments for the consultants. Swiss umbrella company follows the lead and it comes to be a great opportunity for consultants.

Information meetings are organized in our Geneva offices for you to know more about your status. The Geneva umbrella company solution guides you regardless of your business sector: energies, healthcare, agri-food, transports, building, HR, counsell, finance…

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