Nils W.

Performance audit specialist

Having worked in a number of jobs over a period of 17 years in a company in the industry sector, today I offer my expertise in performance auditing and production enhancement, mainly in the agro-food and mass production sector.

I also offer training in the design of packaging lines and project management from the definition of the machines, management of calls for tender, execution and monitoring of orders, reception of the machines at the suppliers, installation and commissioning, up to full reception of the line.

I chose to become freelance to be able to better reconcile my work and my private life. To avoid a series of trips with little direct traction on how the missions take place, I preferred to select somewhat fewer assignments to be able to work more in depth on my subjects and make myself more available for my family.

In an umbrella company, the charges depend on what we invoice the client, unlike the fixed charges when you start up a business. For example, if I decide not to work for a month, I will have no charges to pay for that period. I appreciate this flexibility which allows me to adapt my contracts to my personal needs and therefore to restore a balance.

I came to choose AD’Missions for two reasons. The first, was the attentiveness and advice given by the team to help me to specify my financial requirements in relation to my availability in order to balance my professional project. The second, is that the administrative management is totally in their hands. As soon as I have filled in my order, AD’Missions handles the invoices and customer reminders. If my client is late with the payment, I still receive my salary. So I appreciate the responsiveness and daily support from AD’Missions on handling the administrative side.

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