Elisabeth E.

Sales manager

Trained as a sales representative, my professional career as a sales manager has been in B2B sales positions with a main focus on developing new markets. I have industrial experience in VSE, SME, and Corporate.

My confirmed commercial experience of more than 20 years was acquired:

  • in long cycles and with multiple contacts
  • on technical products produced
  • in project mode
  • mainly targeted at the agro-food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics sectors

In December 2017, I joined the “national prospective network in business development for VSEs and SMEs”

My missions are dedicated to a variety of commercial situations, resources, methodology and motivations. I implement operationally or steer the implementation depending on the companies, the recommendations emerging from a prior commercial audit. As a generalist, I work in companies in the building and health sectors, including as a freelance.

I chose umbrella services to be able to devote 100% of my time to my work and to finding customers. The umbrella company that takes care of all the administrative and social side is an ideal solution and reassuring for someone switching from employee to freelance status.

In this framework, we are given all the assistance necessary, technical and vocational training adapted to our needs, and a company state of mind that is comforting and allows us to not feel isolated.

Attracted to this way of working, I chose AD’Missions within the scope of my membership of the “National Prospective Network” where there are strong partnership relationships.

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