Bertrand K.

Certified referring coach

I trained as an accountant, became an IT Desktop Operator in the steel industry then IT Operations Manager in the automotive industry, IT Trainer, IT Project Manager, Manager of an HR and IT Consulting Company, Skills Assessment Operator, HR Trainer, Training Director, Recruiter for Industry and finally… Certified referring coach!

Today, a specialist in recruitment strategy, expert in professional transition, I provide support to:

  • decision-makers to secure their choice in the process of recruiting their employees;
  • executives undergoing a career change.

I chose the umbrella company solution for it offers undeniable operating flexibility. This status is a preferential choice when faced with all the organisational, legislative and financial constraints related to setting up a company. I also found AD’Missions very appealing. From the organisation set up to the quality of the reception and the organisation proposed by Marina at the time (some 20 years ago). They pull out all the stops to make my job easier. I have remained very faithful to AD’Missions because they are always up-to-date with the latest legislation and are very flexible in introducing solutions that are always adapted. As recruiters, we (I work with my partner, Virginie Pattein) recommend AD’Missions and often refer people we meet as part of their career change.

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