Mathilde P.

Marketing manager

I offer a marketing service outsourced to companies who have no internal marketing resources. My customers are mainly SMEs with no marketing manager, either because they lack the means or because their activity does not justify a full-time position.

My services therefore range from the development of product positioning or brand platforms to the definition of digital communication strategies, including the supervision of new product development, the implementation of reporting tools and the deployment of promotions…

I wanted to become self-employed but I wasn’t ready to start a company. I had already studied the different options, in particular the creation of a micro-enterprise or SASU (simplified single shareholder company) but I was not very comfortable with the idea of incurring expense to draft by-laws, professional insurance, all my expenses (for the micro-enterprise), before I had even raised an invoice or confirmed that my project would take off. Secondly, I often heard people who had chosen to start a company say that, even with the simplified administration of the micro-enterprise, they still regretted having to spend so much time on all the formalities to the detriment of their commercial prospecting. When I heard about umbrella services, it was just the boost I needed to start out with peace of mind: with this solution, all the obstacles fell away.

I chose to join AD’Missions because an acquaintance who was working as a timeshare CFO told me about it for the first time. So I went to a regional job fair where I met Amandine Mazenc, regional representative for the greater east. She explained the major lines of how it works and invited me to an information meeting the following week. I was persuaded immediately: the explanations were clear and precise, the approach very professional and structured and I felt the team was bonded, pleasant and very committed. I liked this and I returned the following week for a face-to-face appointment to draw up the outlines of my first contract. That appointment finally convinced me for I had the impression I was being advised and supported, too.

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